One of the best ways to describe outplacement is by the phrase career transition. When employers need to cut costs, one of the popular ways is by redundancy. This means that a few employees of the company will be laid off and will have to undergo the stressful process of finding another job. The process can be highly stressful, especially is an employee has put in a lot of time and effort for a company. To help ease the process many companies have now started to offer career outplacement services.

There are many outplacement firms in the market; remember that the top outplacement firms will charge you more than smaller ones as they have more experience and more contacts as well. Each firm will offer its own set of services which you can choose from.

Before you get outplacement assistance, you need to make sure that you pick a company that offers all the services that you are looking for.  Some of the basic services that you should avail from a firm are:

Career planning

Whether the employee is planning on leaving or not, you need to offer them career planning services in order to gain satisfaction. In the future, if you ever need to let them go, they will at least be on the right path and will have a fair idea of what to do. Those that are being laid off will be able to find their career path for the future and apply to jobs accordingly.


It is necessary that every employee goes through a coaching process in order to increase their skills. It will help them understand the job market better and the various ways they need to adapt to get the best job.

Networking opportunities

There are various meetings and events that every outplacement firm needs to stay updated with and allow employees to attend. It will help them spread their network, which will then help them when they need help.

CV preparation

Many people do not know how to prepare a CV; they don’t know how long it should be, what to include and what not, the format and other things. Helping develop the perfect CV will help them get a good job sooner.

Cover letter

Cover letters are very important, but people are unaware on what to write in it. Outplacement firms need to help employees in covering this aspect as well.

Interview practice

It is very important, especially for employees that have been working in one place for a long time, to know what to say in an interview. Outplacement firms should be able to do this best so they can succeed in their interviews.