Having a website is very important. There are a lot of inherent good in possessing a piece of the internet you have absolute control over and you can manage and manipulate to your own satisfaction.

There are a lot of dangers floating around cyberspace, that is true, but at the same time, stepping outside your apartment to get coffee from the coffee shop across the street has its own risk. That is to say, everything in this life comes with an element of risk.

It has been said in some quarters that there are predators and cyber bullies waiting and silently stalking unsuspecting everyday internet users. But that is not all there is to the internet. There are a lot of good there as well.

Not owning a website, some might argue, have its appeal and advantages, but at the same time it has some huge disadvantages that far outweigh the appeals of living a life without owning a website.

The first disadvantage I’ll like to talk about is what is called the danger of a single story. Anyone can come up to the internet and write anything without verification. This might be an untrue or intentionally malicious story about you or your loved ones, but you might not be able to counter this and put up your own side of the story if you don’t have your own personal outlet. The person might deny you the opportunity to respond on his own website, deleting your comments and posts while moderating the content of this website.

Another thing is the lack of digital presence. Without a personal website, you are short changing yourself by not utilizing one of the most viable and easy to control method of building your online presence. With a website, you can announce yourself to the world and easily advertise yourself and what you do to the world. There are enough stories of people that got job offers from the personal profiles they put up on their websites.

The third disadvantage is that you are denying yourself the opportunity of making extra income. People are making it big on the internet through the advertisement of others’ products on their website. Some have become rich out of Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a program where you partner with Google to have adverts from Google displayed on your website. Google does the work of looking for people that want to place adverts, and your website is used as an affiliate website to display the various adverts from Google.

Apart from Google, there are other companies like Bitvertiser that do affiliate advert placement. If you don’t have a web design Warrington project on the go, you obviously cannot take advantage of this source of passive income. Passive in the sense that you don’t even need to look for advertisers, Google does that for you, all you need is to keep putting contents that will attract people to your website and watch your Google AdSense Account grow.

That being said and explained, by now you should be able to see that there is absolutely a need for you to get a website and create your online presence.