In this paper, we are going to discuss the points of difference between the British and American writing styles. We will point out which one is better.

Writing Styles: Feel the Difference

The world is changing, bringing new and new forms of expressing oneself, revealing all its great diversity. It is also about the writing styles, which are adapted to various requirements. Below, we will talk about the two writing styles, familiar, probably, to everyone, who has ever written a paper sample. They are called American and British writing styles because of the countries where they were formed and began spreading around the globe.

A common thought is that American is easier in comparison to something, which is thought to be more sophisticated. However, we will ruin this myth and give some arguments for it as well to present this topic from the both sides of a coin.

The Word Usage

Do you still hesitate which word it is better to use – “center” or “centre” – because both sound familiar? You may forget all your worries since both are correct with one difference for the American and English ways of writing those words.

There are pretty much similar confusing rules of writing and even spelling, which would help you in writing your paper piece or defining to which style it refers. Therefore, on the one hand, American grammar rules make the language more comfortable and easier in use. You do not need to think about the proper writing – just write as you hear.

On the Other Hand

However, it can be a controversial topic because such way of using the English language spoils its authentic sound and the traditional way of the language’s usage. Some historians say that in such a way, historical heritage may be lost because people would use such language no more and there would be many problems caused by it.

In any case, we see that the language is flexible; it shrinks and grows bigger with the new words and slangs at the same time. And what is left to do is to respect the language in a look it exists and choose personally the way to use it.


Punctuation plays a key role even in writing memos on the walls when we refer to a certain person. However, it is especially important when talking about the academic papers. As everyone knows, according to the type of paper, there are certain demands you need to follow for sure. But the main and most common difference between English and American writing styles concerns question marks.

British people are used to writing the double question mark in every case, so the sentences would look appropriate. However, in American writing, you will see the singular question marks and that way of writing would be comfortable for them in any type of paper.

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Speak as Everyone

Talking about the origins of the tendencies to speak the simpler language, we should mention American President Ronald Reagan, who supported this tradition a lot. A thing hides in intelligence – educated people used to speak the proper language even in routine living. However, he decided to break those traditions and spoke the kind of language, which was alive on the streets. This way Reagan wanted to show that he was close and devoted to the whole American nation.

However, if to talk precisely about the written American language and various texts, it should be mentioned that they are shorter and quicker to read and write. The sentences are not long and descriptive but brief. It seems that the motto of the present life is to save the time if you want to save yourself.

What Is More

Any pieces of info introduced the need to be objective and reasonable because people would not spend time reading unnecessary descriptive paragraphs, which they often consider to be “watery.” It is boring for them, so there is no other choice as to suit those requests.

What About the Tenses?

There is no unique grammar in the American writing style but there are some essential changes, which Americans brought to life. For example, we are going to talk about the Present Perfect tense because there are many issues connected with it.

First of all, the American way of writing simply omits this tense; it is thought to be an unnecessary form of the past. They are used to thinking that it is more convenient to use simple past, which reveals everything that happened previously, than to divide all occasions into two tenses.


Nevertheless, the classical English is still involved in the Present Perfect, which is still in the active use. It is thought to be comfortable to speak and write about the indefinite past and not mind looking for a certain date, when the event happened. However, the choice is always done on your own.

Motivative Writing Styles

Another popular and important difference is that Americans use the strong verbs of motion when creating any sample of paper. At the same time, the British would rather add some descriptive paragraphs telling why it is so necessary or even crucial to follow these certain pieces of advice.

As the American writing style is shorter than the British, the effect of motivation is more powerful. When you do your best in persuading the readers, it would be good to do that quickly. That is why American writings are usually considered to be motivative.

Summing up, before you are likely to start your journey between the lines, choose the most suitable way of writing for you in order not to get lost in their variety. Write as you feel and as the situation allows because only that way you will be able to achieve higher results and aims that are more beneficial. So, be yourself and do not confuse American and British languages.