Do you wish to transfer money to Estonia? You can research about the best, fastest and the safest methods of sending money to Estonia. In case you are making use of wire transfers to wire money to Estonia, then you can send the desired amount to an Estonian bank account like that of the Tallinn Nordea Bank. Then, some other high street bank is also another lucrative option of wiring your money to Estonia. The banks are usually able to organize the transfers with some phone call or visit. Thus, the wiring of money to Estonia becomes a highly convenient process.

Things to Consider While Transferring Money to Estonia

By making a comparison of some elements during the transfer of money through wiring to Estonia, you can obtain the cheapest transfer rates possible. Here are some:

  • Exchange Rates: Almost all the banks, as well as money transfer providers, offer the exchange rates by keeping their profits in mind. Therefore, you must compare the rates that you are being offered by the particular agency. You can make the comparison to the rate of mid-market. This is the rate that the banks, as well as transfer companies, use while they are trading among themselves. You must search for the minimum margin between the mid-market rates and the exchange rates to get the best deal.
  • Transfer Fees: You should inquire whether the particular bank or the money transfer provider is charging a flat transfer fee or some percentage over the money transfer to Estonia. In case you are sending a huge amount to Estonia, then you should enquire whether you are qualifying for the free-fee transfer or not. This might help you in saving a lot during the money transfer.
  • Payment & Delivery Options: Several banks and transfer companies permit the senders for making the payment with the help of the credit card while transferring the money online. The transfer can also be done with the help of a smartphone or through some money transfer app. Various other agents also offer specific locations for the payment of cash and pickups of the same. While checking into the delivery options, you must inquire about the options your recipients will be having for receiving the funds –whether through the bank account, mobile wallet, cash pickup or some more.
  • Money Transfer Speed: In case you wish to ensure the faster delivery of your money to Estonia, then you can go for reliable and safe money transfer companies like Instarem, Western Union & MoneyGram. These companies offer faster cash pickups, even within minutes. However, in case you have considerable time for making the transfer, then you can consider sending the money through wire transfers that tend to be highly secure and reliable. Moreover, you can also obtain better rates as well as lower fees in such cases.
  • Limits of Money Transfer: The best option of sending money to Estonia would depend on the amount of money you would like to send. In case of the larger transfers, you must weigh out the best possible exchange rate. This is usually supported by the money transfer companies that permit larger money transfers by providing lower fees. For the smaller amounts, you can consider the intended fees that you will have to pay over the desired exchange rate.
  • Flexibility of Transfer Options: While transferring your money to Estonia, you should inquire whether you are allowed to schedule the payments before time or not. You can also have the option of protecting the transfer against constant market fluctuations along with some limited order.

Make the wisest choice while wiring your money to Estonia!