Vehicle purchases may become a burden on the financial bearer of the family, to cater to this problem, Car Cash Point offers its rapid and efficient services which revolve around withdrawing the cash money from one’s car. With a simple and sensible solution, the service takes care of your financial needs. The requirements are simple, all you need to do is meet the eligibility criteria which revolves around being in the region and being a legal owner of a vehicle that a person wishes to obtain a loan on. Moreover, as long as the vehicle is taxed and insured, you are good to go. In addition to that, Car Cash Point services also allow for withdrawal of cash from vintage or prestige cars!

The Past Is Over


Car Cash Point are not like any other typical logbook loan givers; they do not go through a formal process where one’s application is revisited for credit checks. Therefore, one’s past loan applications are not to be brought up again and no record is kept whatsoever. This allows people to be open and transparent with their process, encouraging honesty and lowering their overall stress levels. The range of funds borrowed are spread over a spectrum, allowing for safety and convenience.


The idea is simple; an application is to be submitting by calling up the Car Cash Point services or filling out an online form. Following which an experienced team contacts the person submitting the application to review their applications and confirm the details. As soon as the documentation work is complete, the representatives of Car Cash Point will be visiting the person to inspect their vehicle and confirm the overall details. As soon as this is out of the way, the application is pushed towards the final stages and the cash processing is done with the same day as well.


Being an authorized organization regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Car Cash Point offers legit and well-defined services to meet the needs of their users. With no repayment penalties and fees, the services offered allow you to experience a debt free life with a lowered financial burden on yourself. Car Cash Points moved towards providing low rate logbook loans as the ideal solution to solving the financial needs of the users in the region.